About Us

We’re Paul and Sadie Davies – Owners of The Health Labs.

When we met and fell in love 30 years ago Paul was on home leave from the military. When we set up home together not only did my two daughters come with us but also my old dog – Candy a very loveable Golden Retriever. In her younger years Candy had waited most of the day at the end of the road for the girls to finish school and then walked home with them.

A few years had now passed and she could no longer walk to the end of the road. Like a lot of retrievers she suffered from hip problems later in life. It was an emotional day at the vets when we finally had to let her go and then together carried her over the fields and laid her to rest overlooking our favorite walk near the river.

Because Paul had spent more than 25 years overseas, both in the military and as a contractor, we never had the right pet environment despite wanting to have our own member of the family. Paul had always wanted a pet pup since he was a child. As a country boy at heart he especially loved greyhounds. With Paul’s retirement, we now had a stable home to offer our pets.

We’ve now been the proud owners of two greyhounds. Scat, a gorgeous brindle greyhound, and Travis, a beautiful big black greyhound. They were both adopted rescue dogs.

Scat had been an unsuccessful racer and was abused and abandoned. When we first got her she was so nervous she refused to eat for days – most unusual for a greyhound, but slowly we gained her trust and developed a wonderful relationship. Sadly, she developed hip and joint problems as she got older. Despite a lot of trips to the vet and an operation, she passed away. We buried Scat with Candy overlooking her favorite country walk. We got some funny looks in the fields that day from people seeing a crying couple with a large bundle and a shovel.

Travis was adopted one year later. He was a big boy – 27” but shook like a leaf and ran at the smallest noise. He too was abused and traumatized but he grew in our family and our grandkids loved him. Travis suffered with his joints, teeth, and coat from years of poor diet and neglect while he was a racer and later developed a tumor on his lung. He fought on but despite our best efforts and that of our vet we also lost Travis. Paul was working away at the time and Travis simply went to sleep by Paul’s chair and never woke up. Travis’ ashes are now on a table next to his preferred chair in our home.

The Health Labs started out of our love for a new girl in our lives, a beautiful English Springer Spaniel, Bella. Bella was gifted to us when it turned out that she would not be a good gun dog for game hunting (she’s afraid of loud noises). We want to ensure that our Bella has a long and healthy life with us. Of course we won’t forget our other dogs before Bella but their short lives with us have made us more determined than ever to give Bella a better life.

With the memories of our beloved Candy, Scat and Travis we want to build a legacy of quality pet nutritional supplements so that others can benefit as well. We are determined that our Bella will have a long and wonderful life and we are working to ensure that she does.

We understand that diet and nutrition are an important aspect of our pets’ lives. No matter the skills of a vet, without a complete and balanced diet their lives will be negatively affected. We want our Bella to maintain her good health and we are providing this through our own vitamins and supplements. You too can improve the lives of your pets with The Health Labs.

Paul and Sadie Davies


The Health Labs