We’re bombarded with information about ways to look after our selves. I don’t know about you but nearly every day I get emails about supplements, every week on TV there’s a ‘celebrity’ who’s newly skinny promoting their fitness video and every month there’s a flyer in the mailbox for the new gym.

Don’t get me started on social media it’s flooded with people telling you how to look after yourself. But when was the last time you saw something about looking after your fur buddy. A prize to the first one to write in a tell me. A pretty safe bet on my part!

But for the most part it’s pretty simple. Do What’s Good For Humans

To stay fit, healthy, happy and strong, a dog needs good exercise and good food just like we do.

Fortunately, dogs are a bit more resilient than humans but they still do need regular exercise and good food.

The exercise part is pretty good for you too by the way. That’s just one of the benefits of owning a dog, knowing that they need exercise is a good reason for us to get out and exercise as well – whatever the weather.

If you’re anything like me the last thing I want to do is go out in the rain and wind. But Bella’s pretty good at getting me out of my chair. Once we’re out there together there’s no place I’d rather be.

I’ve found that there’s many benefits to be gained from owning a dog but you only get as much out of them as you put in.

Good training, a comfortable bed, good food, fresh water, regular exercise and a happy home are all that a dog needs to be content. Come to think of it that’s all most of us need as well.

Just as the wrong foods can hurt our health, the same goes for the health of dogs.

I’ll write in a later post about some of the nutritional requirements of your dog’s food and also taking a look at some items that can be quite dangerous to dogs such as chocolate.

Don’t be a cheapskate

Until then, don’t just buy the cheapest food you can find get some premium pet food and make sure you get out and take them for a walk or run too.